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Cold Milling

Cold milling is a controlled process that removes partial or entire asphalt surfaces to a desired depth. Using specially designed equipment, a surface can be restored to a specified grade or slope. This procedure allows for precise removal of worn, rutted or deteriorated asphalt prior to resurfacing. Cold milling can be utilized to correct only what is necessary, consequently saving you time and money.


Partial Cold Milling: is the process of removing the top 1.50” to 2.00” of surface course only. This permits removal of the failed asphalt surface while salvaging the binder asphalt layer. It is more efficient and cost effective than complete removal and replacement. In addition to savings, partial depth cold milling results in a textured surface that can be used for temporary driving during a resurfacing project, therefore lowering the impact on traffic.

Full Depth Cold Milling: is the process of removing the entire asphalt surface 3.00” to 5.00” (binder and surface asphalt layers). Cold milling causes less shifting of the sub-base. This cuts back on the necessary sub-base work required to proceed with binder course installation.


  • Cold milled materials can be recycled into the sub-base.
  • Cold milling is faster than other methods of removing asphalt. It reduces the removal time by up to 50%.
  • Cold milling is clean, safe, and cost effective.

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